Guide and Pricing


Films are of great benefit, but their making means plenty of work and communication and lots of decision making. But at the end of the day it will be worth the effort. So, if you accept the challenge of a film production as a customer we will, together, pass through these stages of a film production.

  1. Getting started

    Get to know each other, status Meeting, ideas exchange, consulting

  2. Striking agreements

    Target, milestones, budget

  3. Offer

    Proposal preparation, order confirmation

  4. Research

    Familiarization process and initial preparation, both including close cooperation; detailed agreements

  5. Film concept

    Determine intention, language, mood, technique; selection of music

  1. Organization

    Choose the appropriate film crew, planning, administrative and formal matters

  2. Film Shooting

    You’ll find us turning a lot of things upside down, but in the end we won’t leave behind any traces.

Post Production
  1. Footage monitoring and first edit

    Rough cut, frequently including temp music

  2. Rough cut acceptance by customer

    Feedback, requests for modification

  3. Fine cut and customer acceptance

    Cut in new music, sound design

  4. Post-Production

    Color correction, titles, effects, music and sound mixing etc.

  5. Final Cut

    Enjoy your new film


You certainly wonder what the costs will be for your film, and our response is that they will be similar to costs for a car. So, you realize that we are talking about a wide range, and further clarification is needed, e.g. about the size of that car, whether you plan for an economy or an executive brand; do you want a brand new car or a used vehicle; what accessories are required? The prize of a pre-owned compact car will, of course, be much cheaper than that of a new Teslar. Exactly the same applies to films.

Maintaining a good relationship between customer and film producer is of crucial importance through all phases of the film production. A subject of particular importance is to ensure permanent agreement with regard to the objective of the film, customer expectations and customer demands. The reason for this is that there is a wide field of options for “moving your ideas”, and the selection of the film genre, making and length will determine camera supply and technical equipment. Also, post-production parameters like cut, music, sound design, motion design, graphics, animations will significantly influence final costs.

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