Film festival Trailer 2020

  • 2019
  • Trailer
  • 1.24 min

Dreams have no Borders - is the premise of the trailer and the motto of the North America Film Festival 2020.



  • Genre:
  • Format:
    Short Film
  • Run-Time:
    1.24 min
  • Client:
    Nordamerika Filmfestival
  • Language:
  • Subtitles:
  • Aspectratio:
    1:2,35 cinemascope

Summary and Narrative Style

The motto of the upcoming North American film festival 2020 is "Dreams have no Borders". The trailer uses the wide interpretation range of the motto and experiments with the concept of dreams in different visual and auditive layers, while excerpts of the festival's programme is presented.


„American Indians and Inuit: the North America Film Festival“ takes place every two years . It is the only film festival of its kind in Europe.
Most of the so called “Indian” films or Westerns are using clichés and stereotypes when depicting Native Americans, frequently ignoring their history and social reality of these communities. The festival has therefore set our the mission to provide a platform to filmmakers, who want to foster authentic indigenous world views and everyday realities of Native Americans.

Movie Presentation

At VHS/ Nordamerika-Filmfestival 2020 in Stuttgart
Facebook Moving Ideas
Filmfestival Webseite