Shadow Catcher

  • 2019
  • Exploration
  • 14:28 min

Solely the legend of a mysterious treasure has survived. Following her contemplation deep into the darkness, she discovers sth. beyond her imagination.



  • Genre:
  • Format:
    Short Film
  • Run-Time:
    14:28 min
  • Client:
    Inhouse-Production Moving Ideas
  • Language:
    German and English
  • Audio:
  • Aspectratio:


Solely the legend of the "Shadow Catchers" - a fallen civilization of bygone times that is known for its high culture and marvelous treasures - remained. Tracing them, the "I" wanders through old, vivid woods, finding a barren, cold adit. And in prospect of finding the legendary treasures and answers to the question how life once has been, the "I" follows her contemplation deep into the darkness, ultimately discovering something beyond her imagination.


Director's Comment The Barbarastollen Underground Archive is located in the Southern Black Forest, around 30 minutes from the city of Freiburg. It is "the Central Storage Site of the Federal Republic of Germany" since 1975 under the protection of the Hague Convention. During the Cold War it was kept secret by the Ministry of Interior. It is considered to withstand nuclear events. No originals, but high-resolution images of national significance from German archives and museums are stored here to protect the "cultural memory of Germany" from armed forces or natural catastrophes – a measure taken in 1954 as a result of the devastating destruction of national treasures during WWII. In the event of man-made or natural disaster, this place and the containers it protects will outlast us and serve as a projection surface for our culture.
As a filmmaker with an anthropological background, my central question to the film was: what will remain of our culture and what picture will be drawn of our civilization in the future.


Kurzfilmnacht Schwerin - FILMKUNSTFEST MV, Juli 2018
Bergfilmfestival Tegernsee, Oktober 2018
Science Filmfstival / Geothe-Institut
Dokka Karlsruhe